Apr. 5th, 2009

greybeta: (Robotech - Rick and Lisa)
-Sold one of Samsung's new LED TVs on Friday. They are amazing...only 1.2" thick and 30% more energy efficient.

-Went to Oklahoma City with my sister to pick up her wedding photos and DVDs. We have not been a bro-sis road trip in a long time.

-We ate pho, i.e. Vietnamese rice noodle soup. I forget how fast the service is in bigger cities.

-What I mean is, we sat down and the waitress asked, "Do you guys know what you want?" Awkwardly enough, yes we do. I went to the bathroom. I came back and a bowl of rice noodle soup was waiting for me. That is some Asian efficiency for ya! ^_^

-I've watched my sister's wedding video twice and I'm already getting a little tired of it. My parents and sister, on the other hand, could watch those DVD's from here to eternity.

-I've been readmitted to the local university and talked with my advisor. Next step is to obtain financial aid through FAFSA and register for classes.

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