Apr. 12th, 2009

greybeta: (FFIV Piano Bard)
One of my college buddies, [livejournal.com profile] renough, made a video for a contest. He's the guy who made this Final Fantasy Bard icon playing the piano. It's only three minutes long and well made. Please check it out!

greybeta: (Jesus saves)
-I got up and went to church, which I haven't been to in half a year or so.
-The rhythm of the church is different on Easter. Of course, being the major holiday is one reason but the other reason is that there are many guests in the pews.
-The pastors at Baptist Churches are typically referred to by their first name. My home church is led by Brother Bob.
-Hmmm, so the church wants to help the community raise approximately $3 million for a community wide youth building. The mayor and chief of police appeared via video to help rally the troops.
-My American grandparents are as kind as ever, even if their bodies are slowly but surely betraying them.
-Three sniper shots, three dead Somali pirates. BOOM HEADSHOT!
-Made baked rigatoni today. I tried following the recipe but I didn't quite get there. However, it's still quite good as pasta+beef+sauce+cheese tastes good even if it's not perfect.

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