Apr. 15th, 2009

greybeta: (Dilbert - Science)
-It's a bright and sunshiny day today.

-I went on an icon craze and added over twenty icons in the past two days.

-My piano playing and singing sucks. I know this because no one commented on my audio post yesterday.

-I filed my taxes last month. It's a lot easier when you just work at one job at a big corporation like Sears.

-Sears is changing my work uniform from black and white shirts to blue shirts. It's any shade of blue though. They're going with the "Blue Crew" advertisements for some reason.

-I won a $5 dollar gift card for finishing first in Protection Agreement Sales last week in the entire department. This is the first one I've won, and I don't win often because I only work part time (although my manager was the one who actually sold the Protection Agreement).

-I ran into a girl I knew from somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. Fortunately I remembered on Facebook and messaged her and it was indeed her. Thanks Facebook!

-You can now comment on wall posts separately on Facebook now.

-Facebook has a new "Everyone" setting for your profile. So yeah, now everyone can see my profile, whether they're in my network or not.

-I started playing Lexulous on Facebook (it's like Scrabble but better). It's rather addicting.

-I've started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I'm analyzing it on Facebook for a friend of mine.

-I visited my American "grandparents" yesterday. They're not biologically related to me but for all intents and purposes they're my grandparents. It was good visit, as I showed them the DVD's of my sister's wedding.

-I did my entrance loan counseling for my student loans. Time to wait around.

-I plan to make chicken alfredo with leftover rotini noodles today. I'll share the recipe if it turns out okay.

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