Apr. 20th, 2009

greybeta: (Simpsons - Harry Plopper)
When I first joined LJ, people would do all these sorts of quizzes and put them under cuts (What does your birthday say about you? What breed of cat are you? Which Star Wars character are you? etc). It would annoy a few people who used their LJ for actual posts. Now the quiz momentum has reached fever pitch on Facebook, and it's the perfect place for it.

Although, there are now people on FB who complain about the constant streams of quizzes showing up in their newsfeeds (for every one they hide, five more show up in its place). I don't mind too much, since the scroll wheel on my mouse still works. Besides, I'm guilty of posting tons of quizzes (which in turn, infests my newsfeed with tons of quizzes).

I'm beginning to wonder if Twitter has reached that status on LJ. To sum up the mindset, it's something like "Leave your Twitter updates on FB or whatever, but let your LJ comprise of actual posts." In other words, if your entire journal consists of Twitter updates, shouldn't you reconsider your LJ or move it to Facebook? Personally, I don't mind but I prefer paragraphs (although when in skimming mode I skip over Tweets completely). Then again, variety is the spice of life.

Conveniently, I know a video has reached Internet sensation status when it's posted by different people on both my LJ reading list and my FB news feed. Without further adieu, stop motion with wolf and pig...

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