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Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:Arkansas, United States of America
At this time, I've decided to friends-lock most of my past entries for personal reasons. However, there will be plenty of public entries in the future.

When I was in high school, StarCraft came out and all of my friends wanted to play online on I needed a handle and decided to use my favorite color, grey, in it. Beta comes from the fact that at the time I was interested in beta testing games. So "GreyBeta" kinda means a morally ambiguous person who is constantly fixing the bugs in his internal code.

In the future, I would love to teach AP American Government or AP American History. I don't think young kids are apathethic towards politics; rather, they need someone who can intelligently explain the complexities of real world politics.

Facebook: Daniel K. Tu

Recommendations from other LJ users
"You are a thoughtful, intriguing young man, and I think you're going to make an awesome teacher." -[personal profile] theferrett

"You should read D2's lj because he will always make you laugh and smile while teaching you a lesson. In addition he will correct your grammer and come up with a cute nickname for you." -[profile] stella_x3x3

"I don't agree with you in so many ways, but you have the strength of character to listen to the other side, and I admire that. The fact that you are willing to listen openly shows me that you have enough strength in your convictions that you are not easily threatened. That makes you a wonderful person, in my book." -[profile] kimmaline

"What's not to love about a man who gave it all up for his dreams?" -[profile] besideserato

My LJ etiquette
Do unto others as you would do unto them. I friend people regardless of whether they friend me back or not, and I usually just go ahead and friend someone with "I hope you don't mind me friending you...". In blogging, I seek to improve my writing in both style and content as while as to understand the human condition.

Anyone who friends me has agreed to help me in my quest. If you feel like your part in my quest has been completed, feel free to leave and defriend me. Expect me to do likewise. No hard feelings, for not everyone we meet on our journey will accompany us to the end of our quest (ya know, like that Boromir guy).

Other LJ stuff
[personal profile] theferrett is my rodent sensei. He taught me how to write for an audience. In fact, he is the writer for this awesome webcomic called Home on the Strange. He's so awesome he even included my LJ name as part of the joke in this comic strip (second panel, first column, fifth row)! I improved my blogging by studying The Ferrett School of Blogging (see below). I comment on things that interest me, and that means I comment a lot when I have the time. I don't post more than twice a day on average.

My life changing stories
-Why you should be wary of people who write well (not yet written)
-Who is teaching your children? (or what got me to think about becoming a teacher)
-Becoming less naive (Billy, where art thou?, friends-locked)
-The myth is true, people are stupid (not yet written)
-Now, I'm a confident pessimist (or how a palm reading changed my life)*
-Now, I'm a confident pessimist, part the deux (or how a lucky person changed my life)
-The Most Bitter Senator (or why friendships formed on the battlefield are special, friends-locked)
-The memory that haunts (or when I realized who I was and who I am, friends-locked)
-R2 was cool, but I'll take D2 any day (or how my Facebook Fan Club was created)

The Ferrett School of Blogging
-The Compleat Guide To LiveJournal Stardom And Fame, Part I (or don't you wanna be an LJ Star?)
-The Compleat Guide To LiveJournal Stardom And Fame, Part II (or why you should be a comment whore)
-Reject #5: Sandwich Time (or how bad writing induces your readers to go out for a ham sandwich or slurpee)

The philosophy behind positive pessimism
-A hedgehog's dilemma (or why it is easy to feel alone amongst a crowd)
-You do not know me (or how blogs are misleading)
-Theory of Coolness (as given by my scheming roommate)
-Why every group needs a heretic (or a story about monkey tribes)
-Ships built in the same shipyard sail for different ports (or why I appreciate the friend I've known the longest so much)
-Why I make music (because I like listening to myself)
-Why free will triumphs over determinism (or why Neo prevailed)

*-this is my best written story
Unless otherwise cited, all material copyright Daniel K. Tu, 2004-2009.
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