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Independence Day: July 4th went well, despite the rain ruining any ideas of shooting fireworks. On the plus side, I was greatly entertained by my friends beating Gain Ground, an old game for the SEGA Genesis (Rouge bought the Sega collection for PS3).

Church: Sunday I helped out at the 4 year old preschool class again. Priceless exchange:

Miss B: Remember, God loves everybody!
Kid: Miss B, does that mean He loves the Devil, too?

School: But today was back to school. On top of my ten week educational technology class, I'm taking a cultural anthropology and Arkansas history class this semester. Which means I'm in in class from 8am-12:30pm four days a week. I have two tests on Thursday, so I may abbreviate my posting a little.

Wimbledon: Roddick played the match of his life and he still lost to Federer. The Swiss legend has ice water running through those veins. Also, he's much more confident when he's not playing Nadal. I guess even the best players have their personal nemesis to deal with.

MLB All Star: Tim Wakefield makes his first All-Star game. I remember him breaking through with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the early 1990's. He threw TWO complete games in the NLCS. But he struggled the next season and the Pirates released him. Pittsburgh's loss was Boston's gain, and the tradition continues with Jason Bay.

Sky Crawlers: I tried watching this anime. It was late on July 4th when we fired this up on the PS3. I failed to get through the first half hour before falling asleep. My friends tell me the idea was good, but the execution was lacking.

Sarah Palin: Uh...why is everyone criticizing her? Don't they see that she just made a genius level political move?
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