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I wrote about it in photo form. Check out the following links:


TU Graduation 2007

Saucy Sauceda Splicin' (Becky and Jordan's wedding)
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Kimono-chan, Scarecrow, and the Italian Stallion stopped by D2's apartment to enjoy some spaghetti and old school NES.

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The White Mage and the Rouge were judges-in-training at the Guildpact Prerelease.

Other pics from the Guildpact prerelease, including art from rk post and a pic of The Black Mage and the Fighter )

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A couple weeks ago, the first snow of the semester came in. It's awkward to think about now since we're now regularly getting fifty and sixty degree days with no hint of snow to come.

Other snow shots from the balcony of my apartment )
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One of the things I learned in student government was that transfer students often have a hard time breaking into the social sphere. That's it's a new environment but people are already set in their patterns. It's doubly hard for a mid year transfer student.

So when I heard a certain [ profile] eleanor727 was transferring from Pittsburgh to Tulsa, I commissioned Operation Blue Hen. Operation Blue Hen took place starting Saturday, January 7th at 2:00pm and ended late Sunday night (there's a reason my LJ has been devoid of content lately...I'm simply busy doing other things). I also commissioned some photos to be taken of the operation, recorded here for posterity.

Random facts you should be aware of:
Delaware is the Blue Hen State.
Maine is known for Red Lobsters.

Image hosted by
Red Cross Girl created a nice banner in Paint to welcome the Blue Hen.

Operation Blue Hen: For your eyes only )

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