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I personally differentiate New Year's Resolutions from New Year's Goals. The former I've resolved to do beyond this year. New Year's Goals are things I want to do this year.

**New Year's Resolutions**
This is stuff that I not only want to work on this year but for the rest of my life.
1. I resolve to rededicate my life to the good Lord. It is not the size or quality of my faith that determines whether or not I am saved. God sent His one and only begotten Son to save the world; whosoever believes in him shall have everlasting life.
2. I resolve to think more like a freshman. Instead of assuming I know everything as a senior, I should go back to the time I was a freshman and be more open to learning new ideas. Also I will ask more questions because I simply do not have enough experience yet.
3. I resolve to think for myself more often. Instead of being so involved in keeping up a facade, I will simply be myself.

**New Year's Goals** (taken from [ profile] zoethe)
Things I want to do this year.

Eat healthier - This will be accomplished by cooking and planning my meals out each week.

Work on my body - I'll need to have my scheming roommate drag me kicking and screaming from our apartment to the gym thrice a week. Okay, maybe not kicking and screaming, but he's the only one who could physically force me to go.

Phase off my depression medication - I will need to take the meds for at least two more months. In another month, I will ask my doctor to phase me off the drugs. I feel pretty good right now, though that may be the drugs talking. But I really do want to get off these pills.

Practical Living
Cleaner apartment - Okay, it's time to go all type A neat freak now and make sure the apartment is clean enough to invite guests over at any time. My scheming roommate will be sad to learn that he won't be able to leave clothes out in the living area anymore, but that's the price of cleanliness.

Decorate the walls of my room - Bare walls a college room do not make.

Control time on computer - Mainly do my work before I play.

Fifth year money - Must scrounge around for money for my fifth year.

Get a job - If I don't get the opinion editor job, I will need to look around and apply.

Credit card - Obtain a credit card to build up my credit.

Invite people over more often - I want to have my BSU family group meet in my apartment at least once a month. Convene Masterlife guys once a month. Talk politics with the red headed Brigid once a month. Have a regular anime night with mysterious Phil and guru Stu. I'm bringing Tecmo Super Bowl and my 8-bit toploader NES to pwn Marcel "Da Noise" Ficklin. Call my family more often. Keep up better with old friends.

Make new friends - Get out of my comfort zone.

Freshmen - Stay in touch with freshmen from Seaside Bible Study.

Magic: The Gathering - Become certified as a Level 1 DCI Judge along with anime Mike. Make Top 8 in both a limited and constructed PTQ. Play in a Team PTQ with anime Mike and lucky Andy.

Piano - Memorize six new songs on the piano. Not simple ones either.

Anime - Watch one new anime per month.

Video Games - Become better at Mario Kart and Smash.

Sports - Practice more with the BSU guys for intramurals.

Inspirational/Personal Growth
Bible - Memorize Sermon on the Mount.

Smile - Put on my charming smile more often.

Dating - Well, since my arranged marriage has temporarily been put on hold, I suppose I'll try this American courtship system. I still think arranged marriage is a perfectly fine system, but hey it can't hurt to get into the game. Unfortunately, I really don't know the rules. Guess I'm going to have to learn.

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