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[Author's preface: This was a couple of weeks ago, during dead days at the University of Tulsa. D2 wants to let you know he despises Brigid, but greatly respects her drive and willpower. Okay, D2 actually considers Brigid a good friend even though they always seem to be at odds. A Platonic relationship, if you will. D2 imagines that he would have the same type of conversation with many of his readers if he ever got the opportunity to meet them in person. The author knows that he has changed the exact transcript of the conversation, and for that he asks the red headed Brigid to forgive any errors.

The following conversation contains a lot of insight into D2 and who he is. Note that he is talking to a Truman Scholar, Udall Scholar, and Top Ten Senior at the University of Tulsa. Brigid is a very talented but headstrong girl while D2 is a very gifted but obstinate guy. In anime terms, their relationship is most analogous to that of Amuro Rey and Char Aznable of Mobile Suit Gundam fame, a rivalry on which they can fight on the same side but they are so diametrically opposed to teach other they must fight. The author leaves it to the reader to figure out which is which.]

I cut this because this experiment failed, i.e. it's too hard to read it all )

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