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EIC: Daniel, could you write an article about love for Valentine's Day?
D2: Okay.

[Three days pass. It is now Sunday, February 12th, the layout day for The Collegian, the weekly campus newspaper for The University of Tulsa.]

EIC: Wait, you wrote about THAT?!?
D2: Hey, you just said to write an article about love for Valentine's Day.
Business Manager: He's got you there.

Click the following link and go to page 14 if you want to see article in its actual layout (WARNING: It's a very large PDF file with many large images, it took about twenty seconds for me to DL on my college network).

Love kills babies
Daniel Tu

In the days leading up to February 14th, Hallmark and Russell Stover’s churn out mushiness in spades. Thorny roses, heart-shaped chocolates and sickeningly cute cards fill store shelves across America. The promise of spring enchants the air with romance. Romance magically transforms into true love, and true love leads to babies.

Oblivious to the world outside, none of that junk matters to the baby inside its mother’s womb. All the baby knows is that it relies on its mother for nourishment and protection. All the mother knows is the random movements and pains of her baby.

The connection between the two happens to be strongest bond known in mankind. Severing that intimate link through an abortion hurts them both more than anyone could ever imagine.

The 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade extended women’s rights according to the due process clause of the 14th Amendment. So an amendment intended to bring about the emancipation of slaves was used to secure the legalization of abortion.

In any case, the decision itself has become an unhappy compromise. It either goes too far or not far enough depending on whether you listen to the Republicans or the Democrats. Oddly enough, both parties claim to love the baby.

As the nominal pro-life party, the Republicans advocate an amendment banning abortions. The elephants ostensibly want to give every life a chance to discover the American dream. Life is sanctified by our Creator, a God who loves all of His children. If we don’t speak for the baby, who will?

As the nominal pro-choice party, the Democrats push towards looser restrictions on abortions. The donkeys stubbornly desire to bestow the mother the choice to live her own life. All life is precious, so let us not forget the life of the mother. Won’t someone think of the mothers?

This struggle calls into question the very definition of life. When does life begin, and how can we tell that it has begun? A common misconception is that life begins at conception.
Yet, we freeze embryos without any qualms, treating them not as humans but as experiments on the level of bacteria. Indeed, the baby in its first trimester does not quite resemble a sentient being.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the baby in its third trimester. The baby reacts to noises, almost as if it could hear what its dad is saying. Parents often play the music of Mozart or Beethoven to improve the mental capacity of their children.

Children who go through a Caesarean section survive well into old age, proving the viability of the life of a baby during the latter months of pregnancy. We would be remiss not to recognize the right to life of a conscious being, a baby in its third trimester.

America divides itself over the second trimester, the source of endless debates as we deliberate the exact moment that the existence of a life becomes concrete. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we now know that a baby can be operated on and live a normal life a mere twenty weeks after conception. But do we really want to base our definition of life on our ability to save it?

I don’t know. It sounds like a copout, but it is true. I have heard too many situations on both sides of the argument to reject either one. The one thing I do know is that both pro-life and pro-choice supporters love not only the baby but also society itself. They simply have antipodal philosophies on how to improve society.

If we ever have to take a life away, it is because we want to alleviate the agony of living life. Buddhists believe there are three stages in life: birth, suffering, and death. We have the power to choose to skip step number two for many babies that would have otherwise endured great pain or caused horrendous hurt to others through physical abuse and criminal activities.

This idea runs counter to one of Alexander Pope’s most famous pieces of verse, where he writes, “Hope springs eternal in the human breast;/Man never Is, but always To be blest:/The soul, uneasy and confin'd from home,/Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”

People don’t kill babies. Love kills babies. Remember that when someone says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day.

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