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Administration: I've decided to synchronize my friends list and mutual friends list. It's just a personal choice that reflects the changing nature of this LJ. =)

Freshman English I: Aced it, baby! =)

Test delayed: Just found out one of my tests will be delayed until Monday. Sweeeeeeeeeet.

Broccoli cheese casserole: I went to a chain called Cheddar's and ordered some Dijon chicken with broccoli cheese casserole as one of my sides. Wow, it was delicious!

Blazblue: A friend showed me this game, which billed itself as the spiritual successor of Guilty Gear. Special edition was 59.99 with two bonus soundtrack CD's and Blu Ray feature. Amazing what limited editions contain these days.

U.S. Soccer: Momentum is a funny thing, and we'll be tested in the Gold Cup against Hondurus tonight at RFK Stadium in the nation's capital. Winning unexpectedly is one thing; winning when you're expected to win is different. I'm curious to see if Bradley puts Fredddy Adu on the pitch tonight...

Modern Politics: USA Today poll shows Palin's support still strong among GOP.
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Administration: I'll have a decent thought provoking essay tomorrow, and that'll be it for the July 4th weekend. Between work, family and friends I'll be busy in the analog world. Probably the usual quota of linkdumping, though.

Kawaii Not: A classmate showed me the webcomic KawaiiNot. A decently funny comic, and good stress reliever.

Wimbledon: The Williams sisters seem destined for a final showdown. I think Venus will win it as her game plays better on grass than Serena's game. They should win another doubles championship as well. Can Murray do what Nadal did and overcome Federer?

U.S. Soccer: A disappointing but expected result. However, I don't think we're due for a resurgence (or maybe just surgence). Once other teams break down our adjustments on video, they'll be prepared for the American strategies by the next go around. Also, our defense is just not good enough to advance far in the tournament.

Tampa Bay Rays: The most athletic team in the major leagues is surging. I think the Yankees will be left out as one of their starters is due for an injury.

Pittsburgh Pirates: We just traded away two-thirds of our Opening Day outfield in a month. Might as spin the wheels when you're going for your 17th consecutive losing season.

Finals: Pwnd.
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Ponytail: As I'm typing this in class right now, there's a girl in front me sitting with a ponytail. I have a weakness against ponytails, as I mercilessly pulled them when I was younger. Must...resist...

Spiders: Someone on my Facebook newsfeed posted a link about it's time to move. It turned out to be a freaky picture of a bunch of spiders, which triggered my arachnophobia. Ugh.

Soccer: U.S. beat ludicrous odds to advance to the semifinals of the Confederations Cup. However, we're playing the number one team in the world in Spain so we'll probably lose by at least two goals. I would consider it a moral victory if we even score a goal.

Baseball: Albert Pujols is a machine. 4-4 with the bases loaded and three grand slams!

xkcd: The most recent xkcd finds that the right move in the game in love is not to play. How fitting.

Chrome: My dad got a new laptop for Father's Day, so I got his old Gateway. It had been infected with viruses so I formatted it. On a whim, I decided to try out Chrome for a spin. I don't think it's better than Firefox but Gmail and YouTube play nicer with it.

Thai food: I caught up with a friend from second grade yesterday at a Thai place in town. I had some vegetarian pan fried noodles and it was delicious! =)
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  • Currently in skimming mode due to the fact that I will be helping my sis move out of her apartment over the next few days.

  • Craigs list killer dude? It's scary to think what happens when smart people go to the dark side.

  • The Chicago Bulls will beat the Boston Celtics. The Bulls are playing confident and they're very athletic. Also, the Hawks should beat the Heat due to the pterodactyl that is Josh Smith.

  • The Florida Marlins have the best record in MLB despite having the lowest payroll. They're bound to return to Earth soon as they won't be playing the Nationals all the time.

  • Pittsburgh Penguins have a goaltender named Marc Andre-Fleury, and he is mighty good.

  • ESPN has wall-to-wall draft coverage this week. I say Stafford goes to the Detroit Lions.

  • I completely forgot about unordered list HTML code until Facebook reminded me of it.

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