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Every once in a while, D2 doesn't have any particularly good ideas for a poll, or he's too tired to actually make the poll snarky enough for his standards. In these cases, he resorts to the "Ask D2" special. Ask D2 anything you wish, and all comments are screened. D2 will answer as a post on his LJ at his earliest convenience (probably just to split up the entries so your friends page isn't bombarded). Ah, but there is a catch.

D2 is the type of person to first answer any question he asks. So, while you may ask anything you wish and D2 will respond truthfully, you must first answer the question you ask. Otherwise, D2 is not very likely to respond.

D2 reserves the right to refuse any question that's too personal, too stupid, etc. If you need some clarification, go ahead and comment and I'll unscreen it for everyone else to understand better the rules of this game.

So, my fine friends, ask me anything you wish, but remember you must first answer the question you ask.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that all questions will be anonymous unless you specify otherwise. You still have to answer the question first.
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Since [ profile] scathedobsidian is on a life-mandated break from LJ land, D2 has decided to take over the Ask Billy series until he returns. I will return his series whenever he asks for it back.

Here are D2's rules:

1. Ask D2 a question, any question.
2. State your name or "anonymous."

All comments will be screened. Answers to be posted Monday on MLK day.

Just not ask questions to which you do not want an honest answer.

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