Mar. 30th, 2009

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I have changed the name of my LJ. It used to be "Guarder of Guardians", with the subtitle of Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?. But now people will think I'm making a Watchmen reference instead of Plato's Republic. Instead, I have chosen to use the title of my Facebook Fan Club.

The story is that the boyfriend of a girl I knew in college had heard of my quick wit and intellect challenged me to guess his middle name. If he lost, he had to create a fan club for me. Here's how it went down on Facebook:

C: Actually, I've heard a lot about you. People speak highly of the enigma known only as D2. P.S. Has anyone ever added an R2 onto that name?

D2: My theory of nicknames says to avoid the obvious. In your position, you have to think, would D2 himself add the R2 in front of his name?

C: No I don't think D2 would add the R2, but I figured some up-and-coming, intelligent student of knowledge had said something like that before. If not, I'll gladly be the first to call you R2D2. He was one of my favorite characters.

D2: You may refer to me as such if you wish, but if you do I'll have to come up with an equally suitable nickname for you.

C: Ehhh I do want a nickname, but I would prefer that you give it to me out of goodwill, not spite. Ergo, I shall abstain from calling you R2D2. If you think [name redacted]'s funny, you should hear my middle name.

D2: I'm now afraid to ask what your middle name is...but what is it? It can't be as bad as your first name, can it?

C: You should feel privileged that I'm telling you my middle name, because all but 4 of my high school classmates didn't know until they announced my name at graduation. Actually... let's put your intelligence and quick wit to the test. The clues? It starts with D, there are 5 letters (two of them are vowels), and it's one syllable. Good luck. Major props and a cookie if you get it.

D2: Not only do I feel privileged to find out your middle name, I feel honored to try to solve it in riddle form. From your clues and perusing through, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say "Doyle". Seriously, I may need another hint or two.

C: No one has ever been that close in one guess. I'll give you one more clue: you're only one letter off.

D2: So I need to figure out if I have the vowels or consonants right. Probability theory says that I have a 50% chance of getting that right. Unfortunately, probability theory also says that I only have a (1/4)^2 * (1/20)^2 chance of getting the actual letter right. Okay, I've racked my brains long enough and I'm not going to get any further so I'm going to go for "Doyce" for no other reason than it sounds dorky.

C: Wow. I didn't think you'd figure it out. Your intellect was not blown out of proportion, after all. Doyce is indeed my middle name, though I am not proud nor glad to have it.

D2: You're not going to believe this but "Doyce" was actually my first guess, but I didn't have the confidence to go with such a wacky name since I wanted to confirm I was at least in the ballpark. Also, once you put all the clues together it's not hard to figure out.

I knew it was a five letter name that started with D, was one letter off Doyle, had two vowels, pronounced as one syllable, and sounded awkward. Using simple probability theory, I can surmise that I most likely have the correct vowels as there are less vowels than consonants. So I'm at either Doy_e or Do_le. I eliminated Do_le as I didn't see any consonants that would make it one syllable and still make sense. After scanning the keys on my laptop, the most obvious choice for Doy_e is "c", and it sounded weird enough, so I went with that. Not so magical after all, eh? The magic in things is not knowing how they are done.

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