Jun. 23rd, 2009

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Luck: Many of my friends have described me as a lucky man. Not only am I lucky to be alive, but I once won ten coinflips in a row to win a game of Magic that I otherwise could not have possibly won (the coinflip minotaur from Coldsnap).

Convictions: Many of my friends would also describe me as someone who knows who they are. As such, you're likely not to get me to budge on any of the stances I already have. That being said, I'm always open for listening.

Plans for the Future: Sun Tzu once said that the general who fails to plan has already lost the battle. I plan to be a history teacher in Arkansas, but beyond that I am not sure. Nonetheless, I have begun to prepare myself through my scheduling and financial habits for my teaching days.

Collecting: I collect items that interest me. So it's a hodgepodge of stuff. I used to collect Magic cards and anime, but those habits are a little pricey for an aspiring history teacher.

Movies: I wish I could watch more. My favorite movie of all time is Princess Bride, though I am partial to the Episodes V-VI and other science fiction movies. Oddly enough, my favorite non-science fiction movie is Memento. Something about that movie struck a chord with me. Also great line of "Why am I chasing this guy? Wait...he's chasing me!"

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Cooking: Well, I've always said I'd never get married, so I'd better learn how to cook well for myself. And it's more alimentary friendly as well!

Calling: It's tough to explain, but I feel "called" to teach. There's no rational reasoning, it's purely a feeling.

Chekhov: I didn't watch too much of the original, but the new Chekov is awesome. I use him for cheerful "I can do that!" posts or when thinking about a complicated problem.

Confidence: When it comes to myself and the logical side of things, I'm supremely confident. When it comes to others and emotional side of things, I'm not very confident at all.

Child: I'm the youngest of two in my family, but I'm the only son. My dad was the third-to-last child in his family and my mom was the next-to-last. So I'm on the younger side of this generation of both my immediate and extended families. I grew up as a spoiled brat, as I did not clean after myself all and my mom and dad just did the cleaning for me. As I've matured, I realized that I needed to take responsibility and make decisions for myself. But worry not, for I will always be a curious child at heart!

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