Feb. 26th, 2009

greybeta: (Nadesico - Akito the Cook)
My mom had a root canal done on Tuesday so her tooth's been sore. I made spaghetti for her, and she wanted me to make more spaghetti today. Hmmm, I preferred to cook something else in so short of a span. So I asked if she ever had lasagna before, but she said no. I volunteered to cook lasagna and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. I seem to remember making lasagna at some point in the past...

Well, I cheated a bit and bought the oven ready noodles, since the less things I have to keep track of the better chance that the lasagna will come out okay. The only problem was that I could not find the risotto cheese in the cheese section. I even asked one of the grocery store workers who pointed me out to the deli section. I was walking over to the deli when the worker came over and handed me a container of risotto cheese. It comes in a container similar to that of cream cheese.

I had made the mistaken assumption that all cheese used for Italian cooking needed to be of the solid kind. Sigh, I have so much to learn about basic cooking.

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