Feb. 27th, 2009

greybeta: (Nadesico - Gai Daigoji)
Appraiser came today, it took maybe ten minutes. He was in a good mood.

Lasagna fail yesterday. I was reading the directions and the recipe on the box of the lasagna noodles said to use 3/4 cup of meat sauce per layer. Oh yeah, I was like, that's just a sixth of the meat sauce, I can totally eyeball this. Uhhh, let's just say the top part was way cheesier than the bottom. My parents liked it though, or at least they ate it up.

Also, there's something theraputic about using potato mashers to mash potatoes. It's like walking feet over a swamp.

A lady in the electronics department at the Sears I work it is retiring today. She's a nice lady and I'm going to drop by to say goodbye. She's worked there over 30 years now!

I'm hoping to finalize the slideshow for my sister's wedding this weekend. The funny thing is I told her she would be tempted to keep adding pictures. Dozens of pictures later, she now concedes the point.

Oh, and a nice song I heard on the TV a while back: "Stop Me" by Mark Ronson.

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