Mar. 29th, 2009

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1. How much of your real name are you comfortable posting on the internet, and why?
Daniel K. Tu. I don't have much to hide, so I'm pretty comfortable putting it out there. If someone wants to steal my identity, they'll find out that I'm a poor person because I'm going to be a history teacher.

2. If you could recommend one author or series to me, which would it be?
On my Facebook, I only list one book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. It's a wonderfully written book about a boy realizing his Personal Legend. I read it in three hours and it changed my life.

3. If I were to offer to knit you something, what would you ask for?
Hmmmm, I'm the type of person who'd be afraid to wear something someone knitted for me in fear of losing it or getting it dirty. I'd go for a scarf, I suppose, since it's something I'd need only once or twice a year in Arkansas.

4. What shoe size are you/what kind of shoes do you prefer to wear?
I'm a size 10 and I prefer wearing slip ons. Nothing like saving thirty seconds every morning by forgoing shoelaces. In warmer weather I'm fond of these Adidas sandals.

5. What is a food that makes you nostalgic?
Most recently, I had baby duck eggs with family in the days before my sister's wedding. I'm pretty sure I had not eaten some in ten years and it took me way back. Also, having grown up in a Baptist church, a great casserole can bring tears to my eyes.
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1. So, what's the best anime you saw in the past three years?
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Yeah, it was rather cheesy in some parts, but it's the kind of cheese I eat up. Also, the rap opera version of "Row, row, fight the power!" is an amazing representation of the series and plays at a perfect moment.

2. What one thing (be it song, anime, TV show, movie) of the past (no younger than five years) do you find yourself returning to?
I had a bit of trouble understanding this question, but I think you're asking me what media I keep coming back to...I'll admit to watching American Idol. Sometimes, I just don't wanna have to think.

3. Have you ever tried to get into a TV quiz show to try and win some big prize with your knowledge of trivia?
I tried the online Jeopardy test once but I didn't do well. My problem is I have particular subsets of trivia knowledge and if I want to make it on there I would have to diversify my trivia base. Speaking of which, maybe I should go about doing that...

4. What one invention would you like to be made within the next six months? Why?
A device that could type what I'm thinking. We think faster than we can move, so I imagine we could get a lot more done. The problem, of course, would be filtering out incessant amounts of noise.

5. As a student of history, is there any event that you would wish to change? What would the repercussions of that change be?
My standard answer to these types of questions is to change nothing because of chaos theory. However, if there was something I could change, I would go back and change the thinking of the State Department with regards to the Communist bloc. Back in the 60's and 70's, the "experts" at the State Department believed that the Communists were one united bloc. It took America a long time to ascertain that was patently false. We could have prevented many tragedies if we had realized that sooner. Also, I would probably be in Vietnam instead of America.

On a related note, the Bush administration portrayed the war on terror as America versus a united enemy. In thirty years, we'll most likely find out that we misunderstood (perhaps even purposely). Yes, there are Iraqi and Afghan insurgents, but each has their own agenda. I have a personal bias against Hillary Clinton, but I'm hoping she understands the real picture and uses her talents to address America's declining global reputation.

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